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Become A Model in Baltimore, MD

Do you want to become a runway model? Do you live in Baltimore, MD, or any other nearby town? If your answer is yes, you should reach out to Travis Winkey Studio and purchase our online masterclass. Our agency was established in Baltimore, MD, in 1973 to help you have an easier start in the modeling industry.

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think you may be a perfect candidate?

If you think you may be a perfect candidate for modeling and you want to become a runway model, Travis Winkey Studio is ready to help you. Feel free to visit our website and find out about our online masterclass for those who want to become a runaway model.

A runway model is a fashion professional who displays clothing in front of a live audience. If you are thinking about becoming a runway model, here is a list of steps you should take:

  • Identify your unique features. Designers look for models with unique features. What features do you have? What can differentiate you from the competition? For example, a prominent jawline can be one of your unique features that will differentiate you from others.
  • Prepare your portfolio. It is very important for a model to have a portfolio with a series of photos demonstrating the range of your unique features and abilities. In order to create a portfolio, you should reach out to a professional photographer, who will take high-quality photographs for your portfolio.
  • Learn how to model. You can practice how to model at home in front of the mirror. You can also read and watch videos about famous models to understand them and the industry better.
  • Work with a modeling agency. When your portfolio is ready, it is time to contact an agency or modeling agency that will secure casting calls for you. A casting call means an audition or interview, at which models showcase their experience and skills. At Travis Winkey Studio, we represent different models, and we are always looking for new talents.
  • Participate in casting calls. As a model, you should attend as many casting calls as possible. In most cases, you need to bring your portfolio and unique personality to prove you are a suitable candidate. During a casting call, you may put on various outfits to show how you can perform on the runway.

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The purpose of our 2424 masterclass is to help you develop modeling skills for the runaway. During the masterclass, you will learn about walking in heels, as well as about posing and expressions. Please contact us for more information.

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